Market Sector - Metal Packaging

Industrial Clutch Parts (ICP) supplies a multitude of clutches and brakes to the metal packaging industry. Perhaps now more than ever, ICP is working harder to meet the rising demand for clutch brakes and associated parts from beverage and food can-making plants due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

‘’Canmakers are racing to meet rising demand for their products, even though economies have been dented by the need to control Covid-19.’’

The Canmaker, Vol 33: November 4, 2020 P.35

One of the biggest impacts of the virus is the closure of out-of-home dining and events. With restaurants, bars and pubs closed, the need for canned food and drinks has increased. Canmakers need to meet the rising demands for their products by an increase in production lines and capital equipment. The rise in production means an increase in speeds and duty cycles. ICP supplies essential machine components to ensure Canmakers can boost capacity safely and effectively.

Goizper clutch-brakes offer a high number of strokes per minute as well as accurate start/stop operations for body makers. The Goizper system allows older machines to operate at higher speeds and can be adapted to work with almost any older type body maker. The quick exhaust design makes emergency stops faster and helps to prevent tool damage during can tear-off and other production line failures. Download the brochure here.

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ICP monitors the Covid-19 pandemic carefully and follows all UK Government advice and WHO guidelines to ensure compliance to all social distancing measures and therefore allow not only production to be fully maintained in the factory, but also full capabilities in the warehouse with increased stock levels to meet customer demands.