Lenze Intorq BFK470 Spring Applied Brakes

Brand: Intorq
Code: BFK470

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. supplies a complete range of Lenze Intorq spring-applied brakes. A high-demand, well-recognized product used in a diverse range of industries.

BFK470 can be used as a holding brake, a service brake, and for emergency stops during high speeds. Designed to operate at high levels of ingress protection against dust and/or dampness. Degree of protection corresponding to IP66, also available with hand release and inductive proximity switch.

  • Torque: 40 - 250 Nm
  • Voltage: 24 V, 103 V, 180 V, 205 V
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Lenze Intorq BFK470 Spring Applied Brake

BFK470 is a spring applied electrically released brake. Specifically developed for application areas that place increased requirements on the degree of protection. It is a self-contained system available in three sizes, and with braking torques of 40 - 250 Nm it is ideal for use in wind power plants, cranes, and textile machines.

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Product Brake
Brand Intorq
Industry Applications Wind Turbines, Cranes, Hoists, Theatre and Amusement, Harbour Facilities, Drives in Vessels...
Actuation Method Electric
Ambient Temperature -25°C to +120°C
Brake Type Spring Applied
Max. RPM 6000
Thermal Conductivity 155°C
Torque Rating 40 – 250 Nm
Voltage 240V