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Large stock of Coremo Brake Units and Replacement Parts 

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd.offers a large range of Coremo products. Our Coremo product line includes a vast range of braking systems in manual, electric, pneumatic and hydraulic operations. As well as a diverse range of replacement parts. Our large stock of Coremo products ensures prompt delivery and reduced lead times.

The Coremo product range is suitable for a variety of industrial applications, from the marine and shipping sector to mining, through to renewable energy, the entertainment industry, and textiles. The Coremo design is particularly meticulous and the reliability of the production process is as equally impressive.

The Coremo Ocmea engineers develop technical solutions that meet the most innovative industrial requirements in compliance with environmental regulations, considering the mechanical and thermal parameters to which brakes may be subjected. All Coremo products are assembled and tested according to the Quality System ISO 9001. Coremo products work successfully in prestigious applications such as Queen Mary II, the biggest cruise ship in the world and the famous theatre "Milan La Scala".

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. holds stock of a wide range of complete units and replacement parts manufactured by Coremo, ready for shipment and worldwide distribution.

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