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Coremo Hydraulic Brakes

Powerful, Compact and Versatile Hydraulic Brakes 

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. are a supplier of Coremo Hydraulic Brakes. We hold a wide range of Coremo products in stock and available for short lead times.  

Coremo Hydraulic Brakes are designed to create a simple, fast solution for safety requirements of a wide range of industrial applications. With over 50 years' experience and the use of advanced technological features in design, Coremo Hydraulic Brakes assure consistent solutions for specific customer demands. Each product family provides different clamping forces and Max. braking forces from 20.000N to 45.000N.

Coremo Hydraulic Brakes are available in various sizes and models to suit the specific demand of your application. Also available in caliper and direct versions, both in oil-applied and spring-applied types. As the names indicate, oil-applied brakes are operated by the action of the hydraulic oil, while the spring-applied type are operated by the action of their springs.

Coremo have generated continuous research and development to meet customers requirements. Coremo Hydraulic Brakes have been manufactured to provide high quality performances in the fields of oil & gas, energy, seaport and marine, lifting systems and conveyors, mining, metal forming, rubber, winches and cranes, and entertainment.

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