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Reliable Braking Solutions of the Highest Standard

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. distribute a full range of Intorq products. The Intorq product line offers reliable brake solutions of the highest standard. Whether in cranes, wind turbines or lift systems, Intorq is used in the most diverse of applications for the most demanding requirements.

Intorq products are used in a diverse range of applications, from brake motors and industrial trucks to hoists, cranes and wind turbines. ICP distribute Intorq products to create the right solution for you and your drive.

ICP are able to offer a full range of Intorq products. We hold stock of Intorq Electromagnetic Clutches and Brakes used to transmit the drive torque or braking torque by friction in dry running conditions. We also supply Intorq Spring Applied Brakes, suitable for practically any application. The module system offers numerous variants that can be used in many motors and geared motors. Our large stock ensures prompt delivery and reduced lead times.

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