Lenze Intorq BFK470 Spring Applied Brakes

Brand: Intorq
Code: BFK470 Spring Applied Brakes

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. offer a full range of Lenze Intorq Spring Applied Brakes directly from stock. Delivering from stock, ICP always ensures a fast and reliable service.

Lenze Intorq BFK470 is a spring applied brake designed to operate in conditions requiring high levels of ingress protection against dust and/or dampness. The spring-applied brake is ideal for heavy-duty operating conditions.


  • Torque: 35 - 250 Nm
  • Available in 7 sizes
  • Suitable for harmful operating conditions
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Lenze Intorq BFK470 Spring Applied Brake

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. holds stock of Lenze Intorq Spring Applied Brakes. Stocked in the UK, available for immediate delivery. The Intorq BFK470 brake model from Lenze is particularly well-suited to applications in the fields of wind turbines, cranes and hoists, drives in vessels and harbor facilities.

The Intorq design provides long maintenance cycles and robustness. It has been manufactured to perform in temperatures down to -40°C. The BFK470 is available in 7 sizes with torques ranging from 2 – 370 Nm. Its self-contained system makes it ideal for use in wind turbines and cranes. This brake can also be used in extreme ambient temperatures and is used to protect your application against harmful environments. Perfect for operating in conditions that require a high level of ingress protection against dust and/or dampness.

Lenze Intorq BFK470 Properties:

  • UR design
  • Enclosure: IP65 also with manual release
  • Manual release
  • Stable braking torque and specific mode of emergency manner even after a failure
  • Reduction of the power consumption by up to 75% through control via bridge/half-wave rectifier
  • Wear measurement in the mounted state
  • Suitable for fitting a rotary encoder
  • Can be controlled via pulse width modulation (PWM)

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Product Brake
Brand Intorq
Industry Applications Wind Turbines, Cranes, Hoists, Theatre and Amusement, Harbour Facilities, Drives in Vessels...
Actuation Method Electric
Ambient Temperature -25°C to +120°C
Brake Type Spring Applied
Max. RPM 6000
Thermal Conductivity 155°C
Torque Rating 35 - 250 Nm