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Westcar Rotofluid Coupling DCF

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Westcar Rotofluid Coupling DCF

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Code: Rotofluid DCF
Brand: Westcar

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. is a trusted partner of Westcar. We supply a comprehensive range of Fluid Couplings along with an array of accessories suitable for high inertia loads in machine drives.

Westcar Rotofluid DCF are hydraulic couplings equipped with a dual delay fill chamber. The use of a delay fill chamber limits the overall torque during start up and reduces the amount of oil fill in the Fluid Coupling.

Rotofluid DCF Features:

  • Hydraulic couplings with dual delay fill chamber 
  • Available Sizes: 30 - 95P
  • Ca/Cn torque limitation varies from 150% - 120%, adjusting the quantity of oil

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Westcar Rotofluid Coupling DCF - Hydraulic Coupling with Dual Fill Delay Chamber & Adjustable Nozzles

Westcar Rotofluid Coupling is an easy start-up with a gradual acceleration of the driven component. The specialist design provides your plant with optimum reliability and durability. It is an ideal alternative to mechanical clutches, as well as for applications such as conveyors and industrial machine drives.

Rotofluid Couplings provide the highest levels of performance and are built for long-lasting operations. It is the easiest and cheapest way of creating a perfectly flexible drive train, whilst avoiding shock loads and wear on the driven machine. Zero mechanical parts are needed between the motor and equipment or machine being driven to enable easy and accessible operations.

The Dual Delay Fill Chamber allows start-up time to be adjusted, whilst prolonging the overall lifetime of the motor. The delay fill feature is fitted with an additional chamber in order to reduce the quantity of oil in the working circuit. The chamber is in contact with the circuit via calibrated nozzles, which can be set as required. The variation in the calibrated nozzle holes changes the time it takes for the oil in the chamber to reach the working circuit, thereby, increasing or decreasing start-up time for the driven machine.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Product Type Coupling
Brand Westcar
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Industry Applications Agriculture, Construction, Oil & Gas, Drilling, Irrigation, Quarry & Mining, Engine Driven Equipment.
Actuation Method Hydraulic
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