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Nexen Spring Engaged Caliper Brake Type VC500

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Nexen Spring Engaged Caliper Brake Type VC500

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Code: 837450
Brand: Nexen

Nexen Spring Engaged Caliper Brake Type VC500

Spring-actuated braking and clamping force for demanding industrial machinery. 

  • Spring Engaged

  • Air Released

  • Caliper Brakes

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Nexen Spring Engaged Caliper Brake Type VC500 

The VC500 has a torque rating that is maintained throughout the life of the friction facing. Due to its long cycle life, the rear linkage design actually increases clamping force as the facings wear.

A high performance solution that will fit into tight spaces on automotive conveyor systems, large converting machines, sawmills, and many other applications.


  • Static torque factor at 0 bar: 12480N (out of box), 18100N (burnished) 

  • Torque rating:  4785.9 Nm

  • Release pressure: 4.1 bar @ 60 psi

  • Offset: 0.037m 

  • Static Torque = (Disc radius - Offset)*static torque factor 

  • Static Torque at 0 bar: 3320 Nm on a 610 mm (24") disc 

  • Minimum release pressure: 4.1bar 

  • Work capacity: 3.32 

  • MJ Peak input rate: 57.5 kW 

  • Continuous cooling capacity: see disc specifications 

  • Minimum disc diameter 305 mm ( 12") 

  • Disc thickness: 12.7mm (0.500") 

  • Discs compatible with shaft diameters up to 100 mm 


  • Compensates brake pad wear for constant torque output 

  • Arced brake shoes with quick removable pin mounting 

  • Pedestal style base is easy to install on a small area 


  • LOCO friction facings (static torque 60% of catalogue value) 1.000" disc thickness

Additional Information

Additional Information

Product Type Brake
Brand Nexen
PDF Catalogue PDF Download Download
Actuation Method Pneumatic
Brake Type Caliper
Compares With Horton
Brake Disc Diameter 30-61cm
Max. Working Pressure 8.3 bar
Minimum Release Pressure 4.1 bar
Torque Rating 4786 Nm
Weight Range 50kg
OEM Numbers
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