KEB Combibox

Brand: KEB
Code: KEB Combibox

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. supplies a complete range of KEB brakes and clutches. Products manufactured for starting, stopping, positioning, and safe holding of moving axes in machines and plants. 

KEB COMBIBOX is an electromagnetic clutch-brake. An all-round, ready-to-install clutch-brake module for start/stop operations. The units are constructed in compact aluminum housing and provide an autonomous bearing that can be used between motor and gearing or for direct output of a machine function.

  • Torque: 6 - 130 Nm
  • Voltages: 24 VDC
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KEB COMIBOX Electromagnetic Clutch-Brake Combinations

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Product Clutch-Brake
Brand KEB
Actuation Method Electric
Torque Rating 6 - 130 Nm
Voltage 24V
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