ICP Electromagnetic Power Off Safety Brake - POB Series

Brand: ICP
Code: POB

Electromagnetic power-off safety brakes engage when the electrical power supply is off. Power-off electric safety brakes can be used as a holding or parking brake to safely stop and hold rotating shafts even if power is cut off.

POB series is available in eight standard sizes. The braking force is generated by springs to ensure fast and reliable braking. The springs stop or hold a load when electrical power disconnected.

  • Static torque: 2 - 200 Nm
  • Voltage: 24 VDC
  • Power: 10 - 45 (W) @ 20°C
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ICP Electromagnetic Power Off Safety Brake - POB Series

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Product Brake
Brand ICP
Actuation Method Electric
Inertia 0.09 - 21 kg.cm²
Torque Rating 0.2 - 200 Nm
Voltage 24V