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Permanent Magnet Brake with Long Hub - PMBA

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Permanent Magnet Brake with Long Hub - PMBA

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Brand: Industrial Clutch Parts

ICP permanent magnet brakes engage when the electrical power supply is off. The braking force is generated by permanent magnets instead of springs, mainly used in fail-safe applications to automatically stop the drive when the electrical power fails. 

PMBA power-off brakes are composed of a single plate and armature. The armature is driven by a spring to ensure torque is transmitted without backlash. Zero-backlash and no drag torque are key features in PMB brakes.  

PMBA Features:

  • Fast response, no residual drag torque from springs
  • Zero backlash due to diaphragm type armature
  • Compact size with high torque capacity

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Permanent Magnetic Brake with Long Hub - Zero Backlash & No Drag Torque 

Additional Information

Additional Information

Product Type Brake
Brand Industrial Clutch Parts
PDF Catalogue PDF Download Download
Actuation Method Electric
Bore Size 8 - 35 mm
Torque Rating 1 - 70 Nm
Voltage 24V
OEM Numbers
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