Nexen Spring Engaged Disc Brake Type DBSE

Brand: Nexen
Code: Nexen Spring Engaged Disc Brake Type DBSE

Nexen Spring Engaged Disc Brake Type DBSE

  • Spring Engaged

  • Air Released

  • Caliper Brake

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Nexen Spring Engaged Disc Brake Type DBSE

Caliper for disc brake.

Nexen's DBSE caliper brake design provides many features not found in other brakes of this type.


  • Static torque capacity up to 1040 In.lbs. @ 80 psi w/16" disk.

  • Brake torque may be doubled or tripled by adding brake calipers.

  • Easily mounted in any position with T bracket.

  • Disc speeds up to 4500 rpm.

  • Spring return eliminated disc drag when disengaged.


  • Static torque factor (F) at 0 bar: 740N (3 spring, hico); 1480N (6spring, hico) 

  • After burnishing torque can be 10% higher 

  • Minimum release pressure: 2.8bar (3 springs), 5.5bar(6 springs) 

  • Minimum disc radius (R) : 0.127m 

  • Offset (d): 0.020m 

  • Static Torque = (R - d) x F Static 

  • Torque at 0 bar on a 0.406m (16") 

  • Diameter disc: 135Nm (3 springs); 170Nm (6 springs) 

  • Caliper spacing: 8mm 

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Product Brake
Brand Nexen
Industry Applications Controlled deceleration, Dynamic stopping, Holding & Linear braking
Actuation Method Pneumatic
Brake Type Spring Applied
Compares With Horton
Bore Size 2.500in
Brake Disc Thickness 0.25 in.
Weight Range 8-15lbs
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