KEB Combiperm

Brand: KEB
Code: KEB Combiperm

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. supplies a complete range of KEB brakes and clutches. Products manufactured for starting, stopping, positioning, and safe holding of moving axes in machines and plants. 

KEB COMBIPERM consists of permanent magnet clutches and brakes. Electromagnetic releasing brakes and clutches for dry-running, with the force flow produced by permanent magnets.

  • Voltage: 24 - 205 V DC
  • Brake Torque: 0.4 - 145 Nm
  • Clutch Torque: 6 - 120 Nm
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KEB COMBIPERM Permanent Magnet Clutches and Brakes

KEB COMBIPERM P1 is a holding brake with emergency stop functions. COMBIPERM P1 has high brake force capabilities to provide maximum safety and reliability for your machine. It ensures secure braking of masses in a non-voltage state.

KEB COMBIPERM PC is a clutch for inactive current operations. Designed to transmit torque in an engaged and non-current condition. Provides a connection to the shafts.

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Product Clutch or Brake
Brand KEB
Actuation Method Electric
Brake Type Permanent Magnet
Torque Rating 0.4 - 145 Nm
Clutch Torque 6 - 120 Nm
Voltage 24V