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Eaton Airflex Constricting Clutches & Brakes Type VC

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Eaton Airflex Constricting Clutches & Brakes Type VC

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Code: ICP-1537
Brand: Eaton Airflex

Eaton Airflex Constricting Clutches & Brakes Type VC

Eaton Airflex VC products are designed and built for severe clutch or brake applications in which large inertia loads and sustained slippage would normally result in loss of torque and reduced operating life.

Eaton Airflex Constricting Clutches offer:

  • Ventilated construction for rapid heat dissipation

  • High starting loads

  • Sustained slippage

  • Improved efficiency

  • Extended operating life

  • Smaller diameters with lower contact velocity.


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Eaton Airflex Constricting Clutches & Brakes Type VC

Eaton's Airflex VC products are unmatched for high starting loads and sustained slippage where heat generated tends to lower efficiency and shorten the operating life of conventional clutches.

Type  VC produce high torque ratings that permit use of smaller diameter units which lowers contact velocity on high speed applications. Ventilated construction permits passage of cooling air, to rapidly dissipate heat from the friction shoes.


  • Designed to excel in severe clutching and braking applications on heavy-duty equipment.

  • Torque Capacities* Up To: 15,189,000 Ib·in, 1.706.629 Nm

  • Torque is transmitted from the side plates of the elements through torque bars to the friction shoes.

Standard Sizes:

  • Narrow Sizes: 11.5VC500, 14VC500, 16VC600, 20VC600, 24VC650, 28VC650, 33VC650, 35VC650, 37VC650, 42VC650

  • Wide Sizes: 12VC1000, 14VC1000, 16VC1000, 20VC1000, 24VC1000, 28VC1000, 32VC1000, 38VC1200, 42VC1200, 46VC1200, 52VC1200, 51VC1600, 60VC1600, 66VC1600, 76VC1600, and 76VC2000

Additional Information

Additional Information

Product Type Brake
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Industry Applications Agriculture, grinding mills, theatre and amusement, dredging, marine propulsion, metalforming machinery, oil & gas machinery...
Actuation Method Pneumatic
Compares With Gummi
Torque Rating From 3,050Nm to 413,057Nm
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