Westcar Rotofluid Coupling

Brand: Westcar
Code: Rotofluid

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. supplies a comprehensive range of Westcar fluid couplings, along with an array of accessories suitable for high inertia loads in machine drives.

Westcar rotofluid couplings transmit rotating mechanical power in high inertia machines. Equipped with single (SCF) or double (DCF) delay chambers. 

  • Max. Power: 6000 kW.
  • Max. Capacity: 1300 kW
  • OEM Replacement: Voith, Fluidrive, Transfluid
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Westcar Rotofluid Coupling

An easy start-up with a gradual acceleration of the driven component. Fluid couplings operate in difficult conditions and overcome severe shock loads to provide your plant with optimum reliability and durability. It is an ideal alternative for mechanical clutches, used for applications such as conveyors and industrial machine drives.

Rotofluid couplings provide the highest levels of performance and are built for long-lasting operations. It is the easiest and cheapest way of creating a perfectly flexible drive train, whilst avoiding shock loads and wear on the driven machine. Zero mechanical parts are needed between the motor and equipment or machine being driven to enable easy and accessible operations.  

The Rotofluid Coupling is fitted between the motor (drive) and machine (driven component). The design consists of two impellers with radial blades, opposite to each other, one is connected to the motor shaft and the other to the input shaft of the driven equipment or machine. The oil, which fills the fluid coupling, transfers the torque and also lubricates moving parts for a smooth operations. The elasticity of the fluid coupling solves problems of power peaks in conventional electric motors and the machines they drive. 

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Product Coupling
Brand Westcar
Industry Applications Agriculture, Construction, Oil & Gas, Drilling, Irrigation, Quarry & Mining, Engine Driven Equipment.
Actuation Method Hydraulic
Compares With Transfluid