Westcar Rotomec Fluid Coupling

Brand: Westcar
Code: Rotomec

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. supplies a comprehensive range of Westcar fluid couplings, along with an array of accessories suitable for high inertia loads in machine drives.

Westcar Rotomec is a hydro-mechanical coupling with hydraulic start-up and centrifugal mechanical lock-up with zero slip at running. It contains all the characteristics of hydraulic coupling, with the addition of a centrifugal coupling.

  • Rated Power: 1500 kW
  • Max. Capacity: 1000 kW
  • OEM Replacement: Voith, Fluidrive, Transfluid
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Rotomec Hydromechanical Fluid Coupling

Westcar Rotomec coupling is a transmission mechanism working with oil fluids designed to allow gradual start-ups in absence of impact. The specialist design removes the need for large power transmissions, especially in the starting phase and without residual slippage.

The hydro-mechanical coupling maintains the same features of standard fluid couplings with added benefits of a centrifugal clutch to eliminate the slip between the driving motor and driven machine. It is made up of two impellers with opposite frontal hydrofoils, which form the pump-turbine circuit, that is coupled with the centrifugal clutch which allows a residual slippage free condition. 

The centrifugal coupling is situated inside the pump-turbine circuit. Equipped with a suitable oil used as a means of transmission for the first stage of the starting. The second stage is started by the mechanical engagement of the centrifugal blocks with wear and tear free rollers in the oil bath. 

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Product Coupling
Brand Westcar
Industry Applications Agriculture, Construction, Oil & Gas, Drilling, Irrigation, Quarry & Mining, Engine Driven Equipment.
Actuation Method Hydraulic
Clutch Type Centrifugal