ATB Precision Step System - Rotastep Clutch-Brake

Brand: ATB Laurence Scott
Code: Rotastep PSS

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. supplies a complete range of ATB Laurence Scott Precision Step System clutches and brakes. Ideal for fast and accurate positioning requirements.

ATB Rotastep is a pneumatically controlled clutch-brake. Used for precise positioning stop-start applications where short reaction times and repeat accuracy are important. The Rotastep system offers flexible, high output via a simple design giving long operating life.

Rotastep Features:

  • Dynamic Torque: 3 - 120 Nm
  • Max. Speed: 1800 rpm
  • Shaft: Solid or Hollow
  • Interchangeability: Danfoss Rotastep
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ATB Laurence Scott Rotastep - Air Operated Clutch-Brake

ATB Laurence Scott Rotastep is an air operated clutch-brake. The simple design offers high precision and consistent accuracy, designed for high cycle frequency applications, such as labeling, dosing, cutting, packaging, label printing, box folding, thermoforming, sorting, stamping.

Rotastep clutch-brake is a pneumatically controlled unit. The simple design offers short reaction times that make high cycling frequencies possible. The compressed air design enables the Rotastep clutch-brake to avoid unnecessary magnetic fields on clutch and brake operations. Saving time and money on your application and resulting in high precision positioning. 

Rotastep electronic controls meet market requirements on functions such as counting, sensing, activating, de-clutching, and compensating. The modular construction enables the customer to select precisely those functions required for his production machinery.

Technical Data

Type Code Torque (Nm) Shaft (mm)
Rota 0610 ND080H1111 3 - 9  14
Rota 0810 ND080H2111 6 -18 19
Rota 1010 ND080H3111 12 - 36 24
Rota 1210 ND080H4111 22 - 66 28
Rota 1510 ND080H5111 40 - 120 28

Product Specific Information

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Danfoss Rotastep
Product Combination Clutch/Brake
Brand ATB Laurence Scott
Torque Rating 3 - 120 Nm
Actuation Method Pneumatic
Heat Dissipation Capacity 50 - 120
Weight Range 3.6 - 11.9 kg