ATB Precision Step Styem - SRA Clutch-Brake

Brand: ATB Laurence Scott

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. supplies a complete range of ATB Laurence Scott Precision Step System clutches and brakes. Ideal for fast and accurate positioning requirements.

ATB Stepping Rotary Actuator (SRA) is a vacuum-operated clutch-brake. Used for accurate and fast shaft motion in production machinery. The SRA system is superior with respect to cycling frequency, precise positioning, greater operating reliability and low service costs.

SRA Features:

  • Dynamic Torque: 5 - 167 Nm
  • Max. Speed: 1700 min-1
  • Max. Cycle Frequency: 3600-1
  • Interchangeability: Danfoss PSS
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ATB Laurence Scott SRA - Vacuum Operated Clutch-Brake

ATB Laurence Scott SRA is a vacuum-operated clutch-brake. Designed for high cycle frequency applications, such as labeling, dosing, cutting, packaging, label printing, box folding, thermoforming, sorting, stamping.

SRA clutch-brake can start and stop up to 3600 times per minute, depending on load and size. Feeding rates operate at approximately 1m/sec, the tolerance of positioning is typically less than ±0.1mm, creating a particularly advantageous solution for applications requiring high production output and high automation.

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. supply all modular electronic controls used to operate with the SRA clutch-brake. A family of electronic controls based on the modular approach makes the Precision Step System easy to use and extremely flexible. All spare parts are available directly from stock to ensure prompt delivery and reduce machine downtime. 

Technical Data

Type Code Torque (Nm) Max. Speed (rpm) Shaft (mm)
SRA 10 ND080B0022 5 1700 15
SRA 15 ND080B0001 11 1200 25
SRA 18 ND080B0002 21 1040 25
SRA 20 ND080B0003 33 920 25
SRA 23 ND080B0004 44 800 25
SRA 25 ND080B0011 57 760 40
SRA 30 ND080B0012 102 600 40
SRA 36 ND080B0013 167 500 40

Product Specific Information

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Danfoss SRA
Product Combination Clutch/Brake
Brand ATB Laurence Scott
Torque Rating 5 - 167 Nm
Actuation Method Pneumatic
Max. RPM 1700
Industry Applications Packaging, Bottling, Labelling, Printing, Converting, Cutting,
Friction Material Cork
Weight Range 2.7 - 27.0 kg