ICP Organic Yaw Brake Pad - Replaces Gamesa GP001820

Brand: ICP
Code: CA0019

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. manufactures a comprehensive range of OEM and after-market approved organic brake pads. Many ICP friction products compare with leading OEMs on the market.

Gamesa active yaw pad is an organic friction material with good resistance to fade and wear. Formulated for Gamesa G8X yaw brakes to position and control the yaw system.

  • Material: FTL142
  • OEM replacement: Gamesa GP001820
  • Dimension: Ø120mm 
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Gamesa G8X Active Yaw Brake Pad - GP001820

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Gamesa GP001820
Product Brake Pad
Brand ICP
Compares With Antec, Gamesa
Industry Applications Wind Turbine
Friction Material Organic
Friction Coefficient 0.40
Mating Surface Cast Iron