Nexen Ball Screw Brake BSB

Brand: Nexen
Code: BSB

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. supplies a complete range of Nexen Group ball screw brakes. Available in various bore sizes and flanges to fit almost any brand of motor.

Nexen ball screw brake (BSB) is a high torque, spring-engaged brake acting on the machined end of a ball screw. It serves as a primary or redundant safety brake to prevent back driving if a power loss or mechanical defect occurs in the driveline.

  • Min. Holding Torque: 2 - 125 Nm
  • Bore Sizes: 5 - 35 mm
  • Max. Speed: 10,000 rpm
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Nexen Ball Screw Brake BSB

Nexen BSB is a spring-engaged, air-released brake designed for zero backlash holding of the free end of a ball screw spindle. It provides high stiffness or holding in power-off situations without a loss of accuracy. These modules mount between the servo motor and the gear reducer or on the free end of a ball screw spindle.

The low backlash and coupling combination provides a high degree of accuracy for holding ball screw positions. An expanding shaft/clamping hub coupling connects the brake shaft to the end of the ball screw. This coupling comes with an elastomer insert with high torsional stiffness.

  • Low backlash for precision holding
  • Spring engaged, air released
  • Low inertia
  • High torsional rigidity
  • Bi-directional braking
  • Fast engagement
  • Meets IP67 dust and waterproof standards
  • Operates in vertical and horizontal applications
  • Allows thermal expansion of ball screw

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Product Brake
Brand Nexen
Actuation Method Pneumatic
Brake Type Spring Applied
Bore Size 5 - 35 mm
Inertia 0,00002 - 0,00394 kg.m²
Max. RPM 10,000
Min. Release Pressure 5.5 bar
Torque Rating 2 - 125 Nm
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